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Customized and Comprehensive

Blue Mountain Integrative medical offers all aspects of primary care, including, the diagnosis and treatment of disease, ordering labs and imaging, minor surgery procedures, IV therapy, physical medicine, nutrition, and naturopathic counseling.
Blue Mountain Integrative Medical Clinic offers primary care from a holistic perspective for patients of all ages wishing to establish care with Dr. Richardson. As a primary care clinic we diagnose and treat disease with multiple modalities including, herbal, nutraceutical, and  prescription medications. In addition, we perform screening exams and other preventative measures to place your family ion the best position for health and wellbeing. As a PCP we always do our best to get patients in as soon as possible during an acute illness such as colds, flu's, and injuries.

Herbal Medicine


The Support You Need

For patients that want to keep their current primary care provider but would like to add the naturopathic perspective to their healthcare team, we offer naturopathic specific focused appointments. Many conventional providers do not have the education and training in using natural treatments to treat health conditions, or the potential interactions that can occur between pharmaceutical and natural treatments. Dr. Richardson will manage naturopathic treatment options that are safe with your current medications.

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Putting Patients First

Blue Mountain Integrative Medical Clinic offers IV treatments for our patients. Many individuals may have difficulty absorbing nutrients through the bodies digestive system due to numerous health conditions and chronic disease. IV therapy bypasses these systems and allows the body to absorb nutrients at a much higher proportion to more effectively be absorbed into our cells. Many patients with chronic illnesses, mental health conditions, and intestinal dysbiosis find IV therapy an essential component to there path to wellness. Treatments take place in the comfort of a lounge chair surrounded by a soothing environment and typically last 45-60 minutes. As a pillar of the medical options we offer, this service is fully personalized and administered by Dr. Richardson. To learn more or ask questions, simply reach out.

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Naturopathic counseling

We are committed to keeping the Walla Walla community healthy, and this service ensures we take into consideration the mental health of our patients. Treatments include using: naturopathic counseling, breathing techniques, herbal and nutraceutical formulas, and prescription medications. Naturopathy seeks to treat the entirety of the patient and acknowledges that mental health and physical health are directly related.



Keeping you safe

Establishing primary care and follow-up appointments as well as adjunctive naturopathic appointments are available through telemedicine. These appointments are great for patients that want to stay in the comfort of their own home but need the care of a physician.

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Putting Patients First

This service is offered for patients to whom there is a barrier for them to visit the clinic. Tis includes individuals with physical or mental health conditions that prevent easy access to healthcare. It is in our mission to serve underrepresented members of our community and break down barriers to equitable medical care.

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